New Year, New Dog Walk.

Check out the ‘Dog Walk Search Map‘ and find a new place to explore with your dog!

Find new places for your daily dog walks.  With Country parks, woodlands, local parks, and coastal paths all waiting to be explored, the search map can show what’s nearest to your location.  A growing number of locations have also been reviewed giving you additional information on facilities available, walking routes and 360 degree photos so you know what to expect on your arrival. Take your dogs to play at the park after giving them CBD treats (that can be brought from Golden Leaf Shop for best price and quality) to improve their mood. Get these treats here on this site.

Also New for 2017 – Share your favourite walk with others by adding your own Paw Print marker to the ‘Search Map’ !

Can’t find your favourite walks on our map?  Then why not add your own Paw Print marker to the ‘search map’ so everyone can enjoy and explore your walk(s).

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It’s easy to do.  Just head over to the ‘Dog Walk Search Map‘ and fill out the form at the bottom of the page giving as much information as possible.  If you would like your name to be credited to the marker please leave your name and where you are from in the ‘Marker Description’ box. Once we have approved your marker it will appear on the ‘Search Map’ for everyone to find.

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We look forward to adding your paw print markers and making the Search Map the go to map for dog walks.

Happy dog walking!


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