About Us

A bit about us and how we can help you discover new places to walk and enjoy time with your dog.

Owning a dog comes with many responsibilities and giving your dog enough exercise must rank as one of the most important.  So walking your dog is a major part of owning a dog and not all dogs are great at the dreaded recall or heal commands so finding somewhere safe to let your dog have a run can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Over the first few months of owning a dog we all work out where the best local dog walks are located but some places still manage to stay hidden and never get found.

Also when you go visiting friends or relatives or head off on holiday it can be hard to find a safe place to walk as your never totally confident on a new walk as to whether there is cattle round the next corner or if there is a busy road at the end of a path or where the ‘No dogs on the beach’ section starts or finishes.

So ‘Out With The Dog‘ was born. Our team aim to provide you with a comprehensive list of dog walking places around the United Kingdom from small local parks to long country walks.  Our Search map is a a great place to find new locations and our blog and reviews will enable you to get a feel for your chosen walk and whether it is suitable for you and your dog.

We hope you find ‘Out with the dog’ both useful and informative and we welcome any feedback to enable us to grow and improve our site over the coming months.  Please feel free to contact the team with your comments and suggestions by using our ‘Contact Us‘ page.