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Out With The Dog has an ever growing number of walk locations on “The Map” ranging from Country parks, Woodland rambles, Coastal walks, Beach paddles or just a local dog friendly park.  There is always a walk near you waiting to be explored.

For advice on finding a great dog friendly beach take a look at our “Beach Guide” to find out where you can let your dog run freely without any beach restrictions.

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Walk Reviews

All of our walk reviews are from places that we have personally visited and walked with our own dogs.  They contain area information, facilities available, suggested routes, photos and 360 panoramas.  We hope this will give you an insight into each location and allow you to ascertain if the walk is suitable for both yourself and your dog.  

Please feel free to leave us feedback or comments at the bottom of each review or use our contact page so we can improve the site and bring you more walks to enjoy.


Country Park walks

Country Parks

Sign posted walks with parking, toilets and refreshments.

Woodland Walks

Woodland Walks

Cool summer walks and leaf crunching autumnal strolls.

Dog Friendly Beaches

Beaches and Coastal Walks

Beach swims and cliff top walks.

Local Parks and Playing Field walks

Local Parks

Small local parks and playing fields for a quick local walk.

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Share your Walk

We all have our favourite walks ranging from your local park, to a long walk in the woods or a paddle on the beach so why not share your walk with others and put your Paw Print on the ‘The Map‘ so everyone can enjoy and explore your favourite dog walk.

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