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A trip down the Saxon Shore Way

The start of this walk is ideally located very close to the 3 Tuns pub in Lower Halstow near Rainham in Kent.  With easy parking and a sunny day we were looking forward to exploring some new trails.  The walk starts next to the local church and takes you along a coastal path with some lovely views across the estuary looking out towards sheerness.  The first part of this walk is in my opinion very dog friendly and we were off lead for a run around.  However further along the trail it would be very easy for a water loving dog to jump down into the marshy grounds and quite easily get covered from head to paw in smelly boggy mud.  There are also horses in their paddocks which although they are fenced off some adventurous dogs may want to go and play which may not be ideal so we went back on the lead.  Although the walk is not a circular walk it is an enjoyable walk with some great views and some fresh sea air.  It covers around 1.75 miles each way but if you dont fancy going that far then just stop and head back at any point.

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