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Another Walk exploring Queensdown Warren

Another sunny day for exploring a bit more of Queensdown Warren.  With camera in hand and dog on lead we set off to see what we could find, click here if you want to help your dog being less anxious when going for the daily walks.

We parked once again in the small carpark at the far end of Queens down Warren and headed left in the first field and down the hill.  Along the bottom we discovered a couple of very old trees one of which has had a tree swing put up by someone which we will try and remember for when the kids come next time so we can try it out.  Back up to the top and through the stile we crossed the lane and we were off lead again for a good run around.  We took the path that led us down to the bottom of the valley and followed the path all the way along until we reached another stile at the far end.  Across another lane and into the next field where we decided to do a circular walk and took the path that lead us up the valley.  Not a particularly steep climb but the path leading back down could be tricky in the wet as it is fairly steep.

Taking some photos and throwing the ball as we went we made our way back to where we entered.  Back into the next field we took a different path which took us up to the top of the valley and past a water trough for a quick splash and cool down.  By the time we made it back to the car I had one tired dog.

Hottest day of the year!

Queensdown warren is springing into life! Lovely walk round this reserve surrounded by wildlife.